Resumption of Operations

The Lundquist Institute Task Force continues its gradual reopening of operations.  Reopening/Deconfinement plans are continuing to be developed, approved and implemented for research labs and clinical research operations across the campus.  It is important to note that these Reopening/Deconfinement plans are specific to each lab and clinical research project.  An entire building is NOT open for business just because some operations in that building are back on-line.  Our previous operating restrictions continue to be in place, except where specifically modified by an approved Reopening/Deconfinement plan.  

Those previous operating restrictions included the following:

  1. Entrance to Lundquist Institute buildings are restricted to Lundquist employees with proper identification (badges) prominently displayed
  2. No visitors are allowed in a building other than as approved in advance by a deconfinement plan approved by the CEO.
  3. A face covering (mask) is required at all times when on campus, whether inside or outside a building, and must remain in place at all times while on campus, except if you are a single occupant of a private office with the door closed.
  4. No meetings/gatherings of more than three (3) individuals at once are allowed inside any building.
  5. In-person meetings and conferences, as well as the use of conference rooms are prohibited.  Zoom, telephone and other electronic methods should be employed for communications.
  6. Social distancing must be observed by all, and enforced
  7. All employees must work remotely unless their presence on campus is essential for a specific reason that must be documented.  This is especially applicable to employees performing predominantly administrative functions.  

Symptom Checker / Daily Attestation

We are in the final phase of preparations for the implementation of the daily symptom checker / attestation system, which will also track entrance and exit to our buildings.  We are hoping to implement by the middle of next week (July 15th). Stay tuned for the announcement and instructions for its use.