Resumption of Operations

The Lundquist Institute Task Force continues its gradual reopening of operations.  Research lab operations are continuing to function well on the 2nd floor of the MRL Building (Infectious Diseases) and in the Martin Building. Reopening plans for the Hanley-Hardison Building are in their final stages of development, as are SOP’s for the resumption of clinical research.

A Call for Vigilance

While we all want to get back to business as usual as quickly as possible, it is important to remember that the overarching goal of our reopening plans are to assure that we have measures in place to prevent the introduction of the virus to our campus and, if introduced, to minimize the transmission of the virus within our community.  The safety and health of all of us is of paramount concern.  At this point after almost 3 ½ months of COVID-19 restrictions, we have all become weary of the fight.  As the increasing case load in California, Los Angeles County and other areas of the country demonstrates, if we drop our guard, we will see individuals getting infected.  We do not want to be forced to retreat and
re-implement restrictions we have all worked so hard to reduce.

Please be vigilant in wearing your face mask, in practicing social distancing, in washing your hands and in enforcing the safeguards that were part of your building’s reopening plans.   It is crucial that no one come to campus who has had possible exposure, until cleared by Human Resources to return and that we all follow quarantine procedures even if we feel healthy.  Don’t be bashful about politely reminding your coworkers if you observe non-compliance with our COVID-19 procedures.

Symptom Checker / Daily Attestation

We are expecting to implement the daily symptom checker / attestation system next week.  Stay tuned for the announcement and instructions for its use.  This is a tool to minimize the potential of the virus gaining access to Lundquist facilities and will only be effective if everyone uses it and complies with the operating procedures.

Face Shields for Clinical Research

Procurement will be acquiring plastic face shields for use by clinical research staff in addition to face masks when interacting with study participants face to face.  If you are in clinical research you will be notified when face masks are available.