Resumption of Operations

The Lundquist Institute Task Force continued its gradual reopening of operations.  Research lab operations are continuing to function well on the 2nd floor of the MRL Building (Infectious Diseases).  Research lab operations in the Martin Building resumed on June 24th and reopening plans for the Handley-Hardison Building are being finalized with a final review phase taking place this week.  Next, the Task Force will focus on research labs in our remaining buildings, e.g. E-4, Liu, E-6, etc.

In the area of clinical research, the SOP’s are undergoing one final round of review and are expected to be disseminated in the next few days.

Symptom Checker / Daily Attestation

A prototype has been developed to be used by all employees on a daily basis to determine if they are COVID-19 symptom free and therefore eligible to enter a Lundquist Institute building.  The prototype has been beta tested and refinements are being made.  We expect to implement this new process within the next 7 – 10 days.  This process will also track building entry/exit which will eliminate the need for our manual weekly Building Entry logs.