Transition to Key Cards

As communicated previously, we will be transitioning away from the use of metal keys.  The following is to further clarify the process to be followed.

  • Doors that are currently “metal key only” will remain that way until advised otherwise.
  • If you regularly access the Martin, CDCRC or 1123 Buildings, you have only one action to take: If you have any (metal) keys for entrances that your current access card opens, please return these keys to Kevin Hamilton in J3.  If you currently use a (metal) key to open a door that has a card reader for automatic locks, please request a card by filling out a FABA form (obtainable from General Services) and sending to
  • If you regularly access the MRL Building, we will advise you individually about actions you need to take.  We are in the process of issuing access cards for limited areas and occupants, collecting related metal keys, and rekeying.  We are planning to issue the majority of the MRL access cards in conjunction with the Lundquist Institute badging process.  This will require taking new photographs and other onsite processes, likely to be scheduled in conjunction with phased reopening.

Resumption of Operations

The Lundquist Institute Task Force is finalizing the development of specific procedures to be used for a phased reopening of operations.  The process for Phase II will be communicated within the next few days and will include procedures for bench based research as well as clinical research.

On-site IT Support

In accordance with the Institute’s directive for non-essential personnel to comply with the state’s order to “Shelter in Place”, the IT staff have been providing IT support remotely with a minimal on-site presence.  Recognizing that the phased resumption of operations will require an on-site IT presence, IT has established procedures for evaluating the need for on-site IT support, balancing both the needs of the user with the safety and health of the IT staff.