VPN Disruptions

Earlier this week, there was a brief power outage at the Torrance campus shutting down desktop computers. Many of these computers remained off when the power was restored, requiring someone to physically turn on their computers in the office. Anyone that was using VPN from their homes to access their desktop computer was unable to connect, without the restart. To avoid this problem reoccurring should there be another outage, please contact the Help Desk the next time you are physically at your desktop, to find out how to have the computer set to automatically turn back on after a power outage.  

Building Entry Logs

As was communicated previously, anyone seeking to enter into a Lundquist building must first obtain authorization from their supervisor.  All supervisors are responsible for assuring that personnel are only granted authority to enter a Lundquist building if it is absolutely necessary and that they wear a face mask for the duration of time they are in the building (unless they are in an office or room alone with a closed door) and they must practice social distancing.  All supervisors and PI’s are responsible for submitting a weekly Building Entry Log every Friday evening to John Munz indicating the names of any employees who entered a Lundquist Institute building that week, providing the date(s) of entry and times of entry and departure.  A simple email with this information will suffice.

Resumption of Operations

As is the case within many organizations and governments, there continues to be much discussion and planning for the gradual easing of the Stay at Home Orders.  Together with our CSO, the Lundquist Special Situations Management Team (SSMT) has developed a multi-phasic plan for the resumption of operations, to be launched only if and when it is safe to do so.  The plan considers medical risk to employees and other stakeholders as well as the nature of the work to be performed and the alternatives available.  We are continuing to monitor reports, data and recommendations from federal, state and local public health authorities to determine the best time to initiate our plan.  We will defer the initiation to at least mid-May.  We will keep you posted on the evolution of this process. 

Next COVID-19 Update

Absent and late breaking news, our next COVID-19 Update will be Wednesday, April 29th .