Face Masks Now Required in all Lundquist Institute Buildings

Effective immediately, anyone coming into a Lundquist building must wear a face mask for the duration of time they are in the building, unless they are in a single office or room with a closed door.  A face mask will be required if anyone else enters the room.  If they haven’t done so already, Investigators/Supervisors should notify Karen Mayo (kmayo@lundquist.org) of the number of masks, (together with the names of staff who need them), which will be required for their employees working in a Lundquist Institute building.

Masks for Home Use

Now that we are required to wear face masks whenever we venture out of our homes, it has become difficult to maintain an adequate personal supply of face masks.  The following link to a CDC video provides instructions for easily making a washable and reusable face mask out of a tee shirt in 45 seconds: https://mashable.com/video/cdc-face-mask-how-to/

Stay at Home Order Extended to May 15, 2020

The “Stay at Home” order previously issue by LA County has been extended thru May 15, 2020.  The Lundquist Institute will continue to comply with this initiative and will continue its policy of only having essential personnel in its buildings and only for the amount of time require to complete the essential duties.

Lifting of the Stay at Home Order

There is much discussion regarding the lifting of the Stay at Home Order.  The Lundquist Special Situations Management Team (SSMT) has begun discussion of when and how to roll back the Stay at Home policy at Lundquist buildings.  No change is expected prior to May 16th.  We will monitor federal, state and local public health authorities as we plan for any reduction in the various restrictions we have implemented since the advent of the COVID-19 situation.  We will err on the side of precaution as our objective has and will continue to be the safety and health of employees and other stakeholders. 

Next COVID-19 Update

Absent and late breaking news, our next COVID-19 Update will be Wednesday, April 22nd.