Remote Access and IT Help Desk Update 

We are currently nearing capacity on our temporary VPN solution and will be migrating to our permanent solution in the coming weeks.  The permanent solution is a Cisco product many of you from UCLA may already be familiar with.  If you need, and have not yet requested remote access, please submit an IT support ticket.  Remote access requires your supervisor’s approval and HR must be notified of all requests.  Including verification of both when submitting the ticket will streamline the process. 

The IT Help Desk is working remotely and as expected is experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls.  This has made answering incoming calls more difficult and the best way to reach the help desk is to submit a support ticket.  Some support tickets can be resolved while our technicians are helping other users.  Voice mails are less efficient but will also be addressed.  We are not returning calls based on caller ID so you must include a contact number in your message.  If you are unable to access the VPN to submit the ticket via the support website, please send an email to from your or account and a ticket will be created for you.  The ticketing system will reject emails from most other email services such as Gmail. 

Financial Assistance for The Lundquist Institute 

We have all read or heard of the various federal and state COVID-19 aid packages which have been made available.  The Lundquist Institute has not received any local, state or federal COVID-19 financial assistance.  Many of the aid packages are targeting businesses and non-profits which have fewer than 500 employees.  The Lundquist Institute does not qualify for this aid as we have well over 500 employees.  This does not rule out any number of financial aid to individuals provided by the Federal or State governments.

Salary Subsidies

The Lundquist Institute provided a salary subsidy to over 80 employees this past pay period.  Any questions relating to the subsidy payment should be referred to John Munz in Human Resources.

Next Special Situation Management Team (SSMT) Meeting

The next Special Situation Management Team (SSMT) meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th, which will be when the next COVID-19 Update will be sent.