Human Resources & Payroll

All employees need to be regularly entering their actual time worked into the Paycom system. Only enter actual time worked.  As previously announced, for the time being, and subject to further notice, employees who are unable to work as a result of the COVD-19 crisis will continue to be paid.  If you are on a reduced work schedule, The Lundquist Institute will make up the difference in your pay between the hours you have worked and your normal work hours.    It is urgent that employees keep their timesheet up to date.  Any employee having issues logging onto Paycom should contact John Munz (310-222-3610 /  

Lundquist Building Access Restrictions & Entry Tracking

As announced on Friday, all employees must receive authorization from their supervisor/PI before entering a Lundquist Institute building.  Supervisors/PI’s are responsible for assuring that employees are only authorized to enter a building if doing so is essential and then that the duration of the employee’s presence in the building is kept to a minimum.  Supervisors/PI’s are responsible for maintaining a log of each employee’s presence in a Lundquist Institute building – i.e. the date, time of entry and time of departure.  This record should include the supervisor’s/PI’s entry data as well.  Each supervisor/PI should submit their weekly log by the close of business Friday night to John Munz in Human Resources ( for future reference, should it be needed for public health purposes.  For the purposes of these entry logs, a week is from Saturday morning until close of business Friday night.  


Every employee of The Lundquist Institute is responsible for assuring that if they have the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus (i.e. fever, shortness of breath, cough) that they not come into a Lundquist Institute building under any circumstance and that they notify their supervisor and John Munz in Human Resources that they have experienced symptoms and will self-isolate. Also, anyone who is asymptomatic (no symptoms), but has had direct exposure to someone who is in quarantine or if you have tested positive should also immediately stop entering Lundquist Institute buildings and immediately notify their supervisor and John Munz of their need to self-isolate.

Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

In accordance with both the State of California and City of Los Angeles orders to “Shelter in Home”, the public is not authorized to go out of their homes except to groceries or health care.  There are specific “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” exceptions to those orders, which includes employees in Healthcare/Public Health services. Recently, we have had some employees who have been approached by law enforcement personnel inquiring as too why they were out and about.  Attached to this update is an essential employee letter to be issued to any Lundquist employees who are required by their jobs to travel to the Torrance campus.  Any questions regarding this letter can be addressed to John Munz in Human Resources.

The Lundquist Institute Special Situation Management Team (SSMT)

As previously communicated, beginning this week, the Special Situation Management Team (SSMT) will be virtually meeting 3 times per week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – and will therefore be providing COVID-19 Updates on those days, instead of daily.  Of course, if there is any fast breaking news, we will endeavor to communicate that as quickly as possible.  Our next Update will be on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.