The Lundquist Institute Special Situation Management Team (SSMT)

As previously communicated, we have established a Special Situation Management Team (SSMT) to provide continued assessment of the COVID-19 situation and determining actions and plans that the institute should be taking.  The SSMT has been meeting daily.  Now that the situation has moved into a “shelter at home” stage, the SSMT will be virtually meeting 3 times per week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – and will therefore be providing COVID-19 Updates on those days, instead of daily.  Of course, if there is any fast breaking news, we will endeavor to communicate that as quickly as possible.

Human Resources & Payroll

All employees need to be regularly entering their time worked into the Paycom system.  It is urgent that employees keep their timesheet up to date.  Any employee having issues logging onto Paycom should contact John Munz (310-222-3610 /  

Lundquist Building Access Restrictions

Effective immediately, all employees must receive authorization from their supervisor before entering a Lundquist Institute building.  Supervisors are responsible for assuring that employees are only authorized to enter a building if doing so is essential and then that the duration of the employee’s presence in the building is kept to a minimum.  Supervisors are responsible for maintaining a log of each employee’s presence in a Lundquist Institute building – i.e. the date, time of entry and time of departure.  This is for public health purposes in case someone tests positive so that we know if exposure occurred.